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Frequently Asked Questions

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Buying a horse

As an inexperienced or first time horse buyer, how can I be sure I'm getting the right horse?

Our first concern in our sales program is to make sure our animals get good homes. Secondly, we believe we must sell only those horses that represent that horse's breed in its best light. We are responsible to promote the breed when we present a horse to prospective buyers and this belief therefore becomes the cornerstone to our farm's training and sales programs.

As far as getting the right horse for you, it is important to be able to tell if both rider and horse can grow together in a relationship that is beneficial for each in the long run. Incompatibility between the rider and horse comes in various forms. The knowledgeable trainer/instructor can predict how the combination will progress together smoothly and happily. For example, a beginner rider who purchases a well-schooled, older mount may well outgrow the horse too soon. Yet a less schooled, greener horse may be a frustrating task for the beginner rider who takes too long to learn how to handle it well. This incompatibility could cause the horse and rider to grow apart and may even result in an accident.

We introduce horses to riders (and vice versa) with the objective of creating a match which will increasingly improve in time.

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Becoming a successful horse and rider team

What is the key to a successful horse and rider team?

Communication. The successful communication between horse and rider begins with the successful communication between trainer/instructor and customer.

Correct training

What is the importance of correct training?

As important as the growing relationship between horse and rider, the relationship between horse and trainer is important to long term results. Mistakes made in training are very difficult to undo or retrain and could end up being very costly. You must know when to seek professional help.

Boarding a horse

What are the advantages to boarding my horse?

Horses require a large time and energy commitment. Not only does boarding take care of that, it also supplies what you cannot provide at home. Indoor facilities, full-time labor for regularly scheduled daily care, professional training, special equipment for care and training, and large outdoor turn-outs are all necessary to produce a happy, alert, well-trained horse.

Additionally, boarding can provide the atmosphere for an enjoyable social activity. For the young student it develops confidence and familiarity with proper procedures. In this aspect it can often contribute to a winning edge.

Morgan horse sites

Where are there other Morgan Horse related Internet sites?

Visit our Favorites page for a list of some of our favorite Morgan horse web sites.

Other Questions

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